Medy’s resolutions:

Good Morning Dubaians & Happy New Year!

Everyone has his own resolutions and I have a few. If you’ve already read my biography you’d know “Design” is my passion and C-lse has been a big part of me as a person, for those who don’t know what Clse is, its one of the leading interior design company started in Dubai back in 2006 with the goal of creating the best possible results not to mention taking care of the little details. You can check our website: to visit the portfolio that we have done or our blog. So it’s #1 in my new year’s resolutions list, we (my team & I) have decided to launch an initiative for those who are looking for a new home. Our interior designer specialists in Dubai are able to consult you professionally with technical and extraordinary creative ideas to end up with a “New Home” in the “New Year”.