The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Experience

BOLD Showroom was one of the sponsors of the Biggest Yachts at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. It was not only the biggest Yacht but also the first Yacht on the Circuit so we had an amazing view of the Marina and the track.



Maradona was one of the VIP guests on the Yacht. The Yacht was teh beautiful Moonlight 2.  What a great atmoshperee and experience to be able to be part of it and rub shoulders with the likes of Maradona and co. IMG-20131113-WA001





On the Yacht there was also a silent Auction going on for a Charity for Global Citizen. BOLD donated 2 vouchers worth 10,000AED each. The Vouchers were for a Boutique Lifestyle Experience.








A VIP trip to Accra, Ghana

VIP treatment to Ghana, getting picked up straight from the aircraft straight to the hotel. I was invited to Ghana by one of our VIP clients who would like to build a Boutique Hotel in Ghana. The trip to Accra was to explore the current hotels that exist in Accra and see the plot where they would like to build the Boutique Hotel.


Stayed at the amazing Mövenpick hotel in Accra. Room had an amazing view of the hotel complex.


Accra is growing and becoming a lot more popular with investors. A lot of new places are opening up all over the city. There is great potential there for CLSE


The Mövenpick hotel had some great interior design features.

IMG-20131026-WA006I see great potential in Ghana and I hope that one day in the near future we will get some amazing projects in the region.