Medy Nahravani graduated in Architecture, with top marks, from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. He studied under Professor Prof. DrBernd Kritzmann, who creates a new understanding of Architecture, by using Painting as a tool to experience a new perception, of the hidden art in our environment.

Architect for the design team of Aimo + gesellschaft für Gestalltung. For years, he was in charge of the refurbishment and furnishing of some of the most famous housings in North Germany

Medy has become renown as an architect in Germany and abroad for the design of prestigious private homes: White casa for the Famous Singer, and componist Kazem al Zahir, The zen beach house in L.A. and Villa A.L.B. in Riyadh. Important public projects include: The Hospital in RAK,

Since 2004, Medy Nahravani has worked as creative director and founder of CLSE interior Architect consultancy Dubai. CLSE has one of the most prestigious client databases within the UAE, as well as Projects in a variety of different countries and major cities, such Dubai, Los Angeles, Zimbabwe, Riyadh, London, Munich and Paris. At CLSE Dubai, Medy is currently manager and creative director responsible for an international team of designers, architects and artists. Moreover Medy believes that “less is more” in using chic designs with contemporary furnishings. Unusual mediums were set as an epitome of his multicultural and unique design. He introduces cool minimalist designs as well as Arabesque ornamentation with his contrast and comfortable designs.

Medy Nahravani has chosen in his latest Project for the Royal family of Umm Al Quwain fresh colors, metallic finishes, elegant Chinoiserie and animal prints with eighteenth century French and English furnishings to set light to Victorian style.

His vision and goal is to create and build an environment, which defines and impress the future by grasping the most finest and intelligent elements, material and finishing’s of the past.

Fascinated by the term “inspiration”, I decided to define the source of my inspiration. Thinking back the last 10 years, i believe it was the exiting and often crazy challenges and request of our clients, pushing my ideas to the Limit and then suddenly seeing that great idea transforming to a beauty.


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