A VIP trip to Accra, Ghana

VIP treatment to Ghana, getting picked up straight from the aircraft straight to the hotel. I was invited to Ghana by one of our VIP clients who would like to build a Boutique Hotel in Ghana. The trip to Accra was to explore the current hotels that exist in Accra and see the plot where they would like to build the Boutique Hotel.


Stayed at the amazing Mövenpick hotel in Accra. Room had an amazing view of the hotel complex.


Accra is growing and becoming a lot more popular with investors. A lot of new places are opening up all over the city. There is great potential there for CLSE


The Mövenpick hotel had some great interior design features.

IMG-20131026-WA006I see great potential in Ghana and I hope that one day in the near future we will get some amazing projects in the region.


A Bespoke Evening

BOLD UAE had an amazing launch party on Wednesday 18. September 2013.


It was an evening filled with entertainment, something for everyone music, graffiti art, mixiologists, fire, amazing frangrances, and lets not forget the red beauty outside, the lamborghini. A great evening with an amazing cooperation with our Partners which made all this possible.

The Guests

The Doors opened at 19:00 and people stayed well past midnight the last guest leaving at 00:30. BOLD showroom saw about 400 people coming and going that evening. An amazing crowd from all nationalities, Expats as well as Emiratis were present, VIP to the general public. A great mix. People enjoyed the evening describing the atmosphere as “comfortable yet bespoke”.


We at BOLD were really blessed as it was the perfect evening for us.


I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom.

Lost in Translation Arrival in Shanghai

Here a few pictures of building, furniture and interiors that inspired me while I was in Shanghai earlier this month…

Welcomed by amazing weather on my arrival to Shanghai. The city has some fasinating architecture. I am in Shanghai for the 2013 China Furniture Fare…

This is one piece that caught my attention


It is inspiring….cool…. and edgy…..


It’s Roberto Cavalli


As a creative Director and interior designer I always look for inspiration where ever I go….

In the evening I went to a Local Fusion Chinese Restaurant…..


This is very typical for Shanghai and a lot of expats go here. The food is amazing and with the tasty fish one enjoys some great green tea.


Famous yellow fish from Shanghai..to be enjoyed with Sake

Below a picture of the Chinese answer to Starbucks


Shanghai is different to other cities in China in that you have the older architecture right next to some really modern building


Another Day at the Furniture Fare…..


Yellow is very in thise year and looks very classy


Some more impressions from the Furniture fare…


The Waldorf Astoria Hotel…I really enjoyed my stay there and loved their interior design


The club in Shanghai amazing interior design


Below a Panoramic view on the BUND


The neighbourhood around the Hotel….


While exporing the neighbourhood I  found myself crossing the road with 1 million people definitely slightly different to Dubai….



As an Interior Designer I am always looking for the latest products in the market across the world. One of my business trips took me to Romania where I went to the Maer Factory.  At the factory they produce tiles with semi precious stones.

Aghate umbra

Above: Agate Umbra (Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks). It is used in art, jewelry, pins and brooches.

Beautiful onyx slab ready to ship to Moscow

The above onyx is about to be shipped to Moscow

factory of Maer in Romania

A tile with semi precious stones. The term semi-precious is used to refer to the entire world of colored gemstones, not including the four so-called precious gems, diamond, ruby,sapphire and emerald.

Maer showroom

Another tile that I saw in the Maer Factory.

Semi precious stone


Semi precious stone2


You can find some of these amazing tiles now at CLSE‘s new location in the BOLD Showroom.

Its all about the Cushions

How to select the right throw cushion/pillow

During my trips to China and Italy I had the chance to touch and explore different cushion designs and fabrics. It was great fun and inspired this post.

A great pillow can truly make a room feel complete, but a bad one—or even an excess of good ones—can throw off the balance of color and texture you’re shooting for.


Don’t be afraid to layer your patterns. We love the look of several pillows with different prints in the same room. If you tend to favor bold, graphic prints, choose one or two pillows with a more subtle pattern (or delicate, line-drawn shapes) to tone things down.

Choose prints that include neutral colours as you will see in the pictures below the cushions with the bold patterns and designs use neutral colours


Choose pillows that provide some contrast in texture. Consider the texture of your furniture—if you’ve got a leather sofa, try a nubbly linen or soft velvet pillow. For a mohair couch or chair, maybe go with a smooth brushed cotton. Detailing, like quilting, embroidery, or fringe, can also provide an interesting interplay of textures.


Trips to China and Milan – Selecting Carpets

Recently I went to China and Italy (Milan) to discover the latest designs, materials and accessories on the market. I had great fun selecting carpets and animal skins. Have a look at the pictures of some of the samples that I brought back to Dubai.

Carpets can change your home, they can make the home more cozy and luxurious atmosphere….

Choosing the feel of carpet is the most fun as this is what you will feel when walking barefoot or laying across your floor. Just imagine walking barefoot across the soft, luxurious…oops! Sorry, getting away from myself again!

IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118

Animal Skin rugs provide a soft patch on a bare surface and also create an authentic rustic flavor. While animal skins are not often thought of as carpeting, they are tough enough to walk on.